We are looking for pregnant ultrasound models to help complete training for our Medical Staff. Our ideal model is a woman who is at least 6 weeks pregnant and we will perform the free ultrasounds all the way into their third trimester. If you or someone you know are expecting a bundle of joy, would you consider helping us?

In exchange for the models time, every mom-to-be can receive a picture of their growing baby and will also be entered in a drawing to win a 6 months supply of diapers or wipes!


Next Training week in 2019:

Tuesday, February 5th 9-5 PM Willimantic

Wednesday February 6th 9-5 PM New London

Thursday, February 7th 9-5PM Willimantic 

Friday, February 8th 9-5-PM New London

Call or text the Women's Center of Eastern Connecticut 860-576-8072 to schedule a time and find out more or request an appointment on our WEBSITE.