Objectives of the position: The Mobile RN is responsible for the daily operation and reach of Caring Families Pregnancy Service’s Mobile Care Unit and its medical services, to ensure that the upmost quality client care is being administered by competent, licensed and registered medical volunteers within our scope of practice per our Policies and Procedures and state regulations.

Reports to: The Executive Director, Nurse Manager


  1. Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and sexual purity
  3. Agree with and be willing to uphold Caring Families mission and policies
  4. Holds a current RN License in good standing with the State Medical Board
  5. Have a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Nursing
  6. Experience in OB/GYN nursing
  7. Have a sincere desire to help with pregnant women in crisis
  8. Exhibit strong interpersonal and administrative skills
  9. Is reliable, organized, and capable of following through on assignments
  10. Maintain Medical Licensure and valid Driver’s License and appropriate insurance


  1. Review Caring Families Mobile Policies and Procedures, Standards of Practice, to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies as required by the State of Connecticut
  2. Communicate information concerning client care and personnel activities to the Nurse Manager in an appropriate and timely manner
  3. Attend Medical Trainings, and at least two Quarterly staff meetings per year to reinforce center policies and offer continual education content pertaining to Caring Families’ services.
  4. Review Mobile Cares patient charts and document medical note in accordance with the Policies and Procedures
  5. Ensure that Mobile Care Unit’s Medical Equipment is being properly operated, cleaned, and maintained. Report any issues to the Nurse Manager.
  6. Monitor inventory of prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests, and other medical/ultrasound supplies on the Mobile Care Unit and notify Nurse Manager of any needs
  7. Assure compliance with infection control guidelines
  8. Drive the Mobile Center to and from locations as needed as well as coordinate with the Nurse Manager

Nursing Care:

  1. Direct nursing care: administering pregnancy tests, comprehensive record keeping, assisting with ultrasound examinations, answering patient’s medical questions, educating about reproductive cycles, gestational body changes and other matters related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  2. Oversee accurate records are maintained and that physician standing orders are in place and up-to-date
  3. Provide patient education pertaining to pregnancy, breastfeeding and newborn/infant health care and well-being as needed
  4. Oversee the distributing of prenatal vitamins and associated recordkeeping as needed