Mobile Care is an on-the-go office that provides CaringProfessional and Confidential services to women all throughout Connecticut who need help with pregnancy-related issues. We travel and visit different communities throughout the month and provide Pregnancy Testing, Limited Obstetric Ultrasounds, and Community Referrals to anyone who can benefit from these services. 

We have Medical Professionals as well as Community Advocates on board, that are experienced in providing women not only with exceptional care but up-to-date medical information, resource referrals, as well as a much-needed listening ear. We believe in a holistic approach to care. For women to be empowered, they need all the information to make informed decisions. We understand the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy, and our goal is to help alleviate any concerns our clients may have about their pregnancy. Our licensed and knowledgeable medical personnel can talk to our clients and answer any questions or concerns regarding their pregnancy. Our Community Advocates are eager to help connect our clients with any resources and referral they may need to have a sucessful and healthy pregnancy. ALL OUR SERVICES ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND FREE! There is never any charge for anyone that uses our service. We are passionate about helping women with early care for their pregnancy and connecting them with the resources and help they may need. 

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