The Best Way to Serve Mothers and Save Babies

4 out of 5 women who board a mobile van will choose life after seeing the ultrasound images of their child.


After a season of prayer and consulting with our ministry partners, Caring Families has strategically decided it was a better use of funds if we closed our Dayville office and, instead, purchase a mobile van.  Why go mobile?

  • Local pregnancy centers offer an incredible service for expectant mothers but many women don't even know that pregnancy centers exist.  We can be proactive as we go to - rather than wait for - a woman.
  • Mobile medical clinics are one of the most effective ways to reach abortion minded/vulnerable women allowing us to move to locations according to demographic changes and population shifts.
  • Going mobile is a more effective way to expand our reach and allows us the opportunity to share resources and partner with other centers, churches, foundations and other organizations to serve the community here in CT without having to build a satellite office.
  • Going Mobile is a more efficient use of resources:


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